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Choosing Bay or Bow Windows


You can recognize a bay window by the way they project out of the home.  They always project outward from a room.  There are many different variations bow windows are actually one of the most common variations of a bay window. They contain multiple window units that are formed together to curve outside of the house in panels that are joined together to form the curve. Bay windows maximize space while making a room look more spacious.  They allow for an increase of light into your home and can allow you to take advantage of multiple views.  They can be used to add some counter area to a room as well.  They are a great product.If you are looking for something different to add to your home consider bay windows.  They come in many different architectural designs and can add to your structure.  A bay window will alter the basic configuration of your structure giving a unique look to your home. If you’re looking to have more living space in your home without renovating the footings or foundation size a bay window may be the way to go.  Also consider the if you have a great view out of the potential window location.  You will want to take advantage of that view and these windows can do just that. Placement is important.  Rooms that you want to have a great sense of being spacious or where a lot of people gather are the best candidates for these windows.  They are a popular choice for master bedrooms and living rooms.  They are less popular for bathroom location.  Consider the layout of your home, bay windows are becoming much more popular in a kitchen locations.  Kitchens are growing in popularity as the room for gatherings and homework.  This would be a great location for a bay window. Shopping for a bay windows in Toronto is a very important consideration.  You will need to analyze your personal choices and tastes.  But also compare the NFRC ratings and be sure to get a high quality glass for efficiency.  You’ll want to look at the U-Factor closely, the lower the better.  That lower number will mean you are spending less on heating and cooling.  It is very to accurately compare the energy efficiency of the windows.  You should take advantage of that and use the ratings to determine the window that is best for your situation.